SADX Mod Installer

SADX Mod Installer is a tool for Sonic Adventure DX PC that installs the latest version of MainMemory’s SADX Mod Loader and its dependencies, as well as Dreamcast Conversion and several other mods, which are sorted and configured automatically!


The installer includes an easy to use Guide Mode, which shows comparison screenshots to help you decide which mods to install. It can also convert the Steam version of SADX into a fully functional 2004 port with mod support. It works online and offline, and it can even update itself whenever a new version is released.

The simplest way to get Sonic Adventure DX modded

Using the installer helps in the following situations:

1) You’ve just bought SADX on Steam and want to set up SADX mods in the easiest way possible.

2) You’re getting started with SADX mods but don’t know how to set up the Mod Loader or which mods you want.

3) You’ve just reinstalled SADX or Windows and need to get the Mod Loader and its dependencies (Visual C++ runtimes, .NET Framework etc.) working properly.

Here are some additional features of the installer:

  • It tries to pick up the location of your SADX folder automatically, but even if it doesn’t you can still tell it where to look.
  • The installer will detect your screen resolution and configure the Mod Loader for best visual quality.
  • The installer includes a fix for the infamous “white screen startup crash” that happens on some systems.
  • The installer includes a custom made launcher that configures the Mod Loader and SonicFreak94’s Input Mod. Custom keyboard and gamepad controls are now possible!
  • The runtimes installed by this setup program cover the requirements for all Mod Loader mods ever released.
  • You can check for mod, Mod Loader and installer updates right from the program.
  • If SADX is installed in Program Files, folder permissions are updated recursively to prevent any possible access errors.
  • When used on the Steam version, instead of downloading sounds and videos from the 2004 port the installer converts existing assets into formats supported by the 2004 port.
  • It imports save data from SADX Steam/DC Collection and patches it to work properly with the 2004 PC port.
  • The installer replaces several low quality ADX voice clips in the Steam version with higher-quality voice clips from the Dreamcast version. For the 2004 PC port, a full ADX music/voices pack is available.

Have fun!