Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use this installer?

  1. Get the installer from the Download page.
  2. Save sadx_setup.exe (or extract the archive if you got the offline version) to your desktop – or anywhere else really, just make sure you have enough drive space.
  3. Run sadx_setup.exe
  4. Follow the instructions in the installer.

My antivirus program detects the installer as a virus. Is it a virus?

No, it isn’t a virus. The installer downloads files from the Internet and runs them, so it causes false positives with antivirus programs.

Every time I try to install or enable the Mod Loader, it shows an error mentioning SADXModLoader.dll or CHRMODELS.dll. What should I do?

Add an exception for this installer (sadx_setup.exe) and the Mod Manager (SADXModManager.exe) in your antivirus program and try again.

The game works but the videos won’t play. What’s wrong?

SADX relies on Windows Media Player to play videos and it doesn’t like certain video codecs.
1. If you use a version of Windows that doesn’t include Windows Media Player, install it separately.
2. If you use Smooth Video Project (SVP) or LAV, disable or uninstall them before playing. Some other codecs like ffdshow may also cause issues.

I have a Steam version of SADX.
I have an old disc version of SADX PC.
I have a European/American/Japanese version of SADX PC.
I have a newer re-release of SADX PC that I got on Amazon/eBay.
I don’t know which version of SADX I have.
Can I use this installer?

The answer in all of the above cases is yes, you can!

Can I get mods on the Dreamcast/Gamecube/PS3/Xbox360 version of the game using this installer?

This installer and the Mod Loader can only be used with the PC version.

Is SADX Mod Installer the same thing as SADX Mod Loader? What is SADX Mod Manager? What is SADX Launcher?

SADX Mod Loader is a tool made by MainMemory that makes it possible to mod SADX.
SADX Mod Manager is a program by MainMemory to manage your mods. It comes with the Mod Loader.
SADX Mod Installer is a tool that installs the Mod Loader and a selection of mods.
SADX Launcher is a tool to configure the Mod Loader. It is added by the Mod Installer.

Does this installer work with BetterSADX? Is it the same as BetterSADX?

I made this installer as a replacement for BetterSADX, and I’ve tried to make it superior in every way possible. You can use this installer if you have used BetterSADX in the past.