This page contains links to various SADX mods. If you have 1-click install enabled in the Mod Manager, you can add these mods to your game by clicking the icon in the Install column.
This is by no means a complete list. For more SADX mods, check the Additional Links section at the bottom of this page.


General fixes and enhancements (installer)
Dreamcast mods
Level mods
Character mods
Total conversions
Hacks and gameplay mods

Mods featured in the installer

General fixes and enhancement mods

ADX Audiox-haxAdds higher quality music and voices from the Dreamcast and Gamecube versions.
* You don’t need this if your SADX installation was converted from Steam.
SADX: Fixed EditionSonicFreak94Introduces a variety of bug fixes and enhancements for vanilla SADXPC.
HD GUI 2x-haxAdds higher quality textures and fonts for the majority of menus in the game.
Steam AchievementsMainMemoryEnables Steam Achievements support in the 2004 version of the game.
Super Sonicx-haxMakes Super Sonic playable in Action Stages.
Sound OverhaulPkRFixes various sound bugs and replaces almost all sound effects with higher quality rips from the Dreamcast version.
Frame LimitSonicFreak94Introduces a more precise frame limiter. Helps in cases when the game is stuck at 63 FPS.
Input ModSonicFreak94Fixes XInput controller support (camera spinning problem), adds configurable keyboard and controller support up to 8 devices, configurable rumble etc.
Idle ChatterSonicFreak94Press Z to hear what your character has to say about the stage!
Pause HideSonicFreak94Press X+Y on the Pause screen to hide the Pause menu like in the Dreamcast version.
* Not compatible with Dreamcast Conversion which already has this feature.
Onion BlurSonicFreak94Restores the “motion blur” effect for Sonic and Knuckles running animations, as well as Tails’ tails.
Smooth CameraSonicFreak94Makes first person (right stick) camera control smoother. Inverts the Y axis on the right stick.
Time of DayPkRMakes it possible to advance the time of day by taking the train between Station Square and the Mystic Ruins.
SADX Style WaterPkR & SteGImproves the look of water textures in some stages. Can be used together with Dreamcast Conversion.

Dreamcast mods

Lantern EngineSonicFreak94Recreates the palette lighting system from the Dreamcast version. * Requires Direct3D 9 to be enabled in the Mod Manager.
Dreamcast ConversionPkRBrings back levels, textures, object models, special effects, branding etc. from the Dreamcast version.
Dreamcast Characters PackItsEasyActuallyRestores character models from the Dreamcast version.
Dreamcast DLCPkRAdds holiday events and other downloadable content from the Dreamcast version.

Other mods


ESRGAN-AI HD TextureskawaiikaorichanAI upscaled textures for SADX PC. Supports both vanilla and Dreamcast Conversion assets.
AI HD FMVskawaiikaorichanHD upscaled videos for SADX PC. Supports Dreamcast Conversion.
Sonic Adventure RetranslatedSKingBlueReplaces the game’s English and Spanish scripts with a translation of the original Japanese script. English script by Windii, Spanish script by AsuharaMoon and Dashell_MAFB.
HUD PlusKellVarious HUD improvements.
New TricksKellAdds new character abilities.
SADX No LimitSora_yxPatches levels to be beatable by other characters.
Better Tails AISora_yxMakes Tails follow Sonic in all areas and adds new features to his AI.
Active MouthsSpeepsHIGHWAYAdds character face animations outside cutscenes.
DiscordSADXSuperSonic16Enables Discord Rich Presence for SADX PC.

Level mods

Authodemo Windy ValleyItsEasyActually & supercoolsonicWindy Valley from the Dreamcast Autodemo prototype of SA1.
Autodemo Speed HighwayItsEasyActually & supercoolsonicSpeed Highway from the Dreamcast Autodemo prototype of SA1.
Autodemo Red MountainsupercoolsonicRed Mountain from the Dreamcast Autodemo prototype of SA1.
Hill TopKellSonic 2 Hill Top inspired level with a custom boss fight.

Character mods

DX Characters RefinedSoloSlackerVarious improvements for SADX character models.
DC Textures for DX CharactersLegoLoco7Dreamcast textures for SADX character models.
DX Consistent ModelskawaiikaorichanReplaces leftover Dreamcast models with their SADX counterparts.
Shadow (SA1 styled)KellReplaces Sonic with Shadow.
Klonoa (SA1 styled)Vwp914Replaces Sonic with Klonoa.

Total conversions

Heroes ConversionKellSonic Heroes in SADX. Includes levels, character models, enemies, sounds etc.
SA2 ConversionSora_yx, KellSonic Adventure 2 in SADX. Includes levels, character abilities, objects, Chao Gardens etc.

Hacks and gameplay mods

Character Select ModMainMemoryLocal multplayer that lets you switch characters during gameplay.
Fixes, Adds and Beta RestoressupercoolsonicRestorations of unused elements and various hacks and tools.
Debug ModePkRDisplays various debug information, free camera and other tools.
Chao GameplayKellMakes Chao follow you in levels.
SADX RandomizerSora_yxLoads random characters into random stages with custom layouts.
Meme MakerSpeepsHIGHWAYComplete control over camera, character animations etc.
Physics SwapMainMemoryChanges the main set of physics values for each character in the game to another character’s. Also included are values from SA2B and Sonic Heroes.

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